Friday, June 1, 2012

What if God showed up this Sunday?

Phillip Jensen in The Archer and the Arrow:
If God guaranteed you that he would visit your church this Sunday, and bring a message to the congregation, direct from his own lips, speaking his life-changing truth to the spiritual needs of all, would you think about cutting one or two songs, and giving God some extra time? Would you ask the drama team to postpone their 20-minute re-enactment of the Prodigal Son? Would you feel the need, if you were the minister, to put aside some time after God had spoken to tell some stories that made the divine message a bit more real and relevant to the people? 
If God did turn up in all his blazing glory to deliver a message to your church, what would your reaction be? Hopefully you would scrap everything, fall trembling on your knees, and say, "Speak, Lord, your servants are listening". 
The truth is, of course, that God is with us whenever we gather, and he speaks his very words to us, Whenever we open God's Scriptures and read his words, he is with us and he speaks. And yet by our actions–by the way we run our meetings, and by the way we preach–we often demonstrate that we don't really believe in the transforming power of his words.


  1. If we were singing the Psalms, maybe we wouldn't have to choose! I get the point though.

  2. Someone needs to tell him about learning styles.

  3. Also - someone needs to invent a time machine and tell Ezekiel he doesn't need to eat food cooked on poo. He just needs to preach good.